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If you are to undergo a house improvement, you should also prioritize or give attention to the master bathroom remodel. This is one of the most frequented areas and thus, must be inviting enough. Aim to have a functional and charming master bath so you will enjoy every minute you spend there. Here are some Master Bathroom Remodel Boston ideas to inspire you.

Bathroom Remodeling Boston MA
  • Shower

    Do you sometimes picture yourself having a rain-style showerhead? This may be the perfect showerhead for you if you want to give your master bath a modern upgrade. However, Bathroom Remodel Boston can customize a high-end shower system tailored to your individual needs and preferences. You can program your unique setting, from the water temperature to operation, body sprays, pulsation intervals, and more.

  • Walls

    One of the simplest ways to revamp a master bath and make an impact in your space is by adding accent walls. You can make accent walls distinguished from the rest of the walls in the room by painting it with vibrant colors, material, or even tile design. If you want to go timeless, install accent wall tiles from the top of the wall down to the vanity surface. Paint the wall with a complementary color. Blue if you want a cool touch or even beige for a simple and neutral look.

  • Bathtubs

    For complete relaxation, nothing beats an inviting and enormous bathtub. You can choose from built-in tubs to clawfoot tubs for that wonderful tub experience. Select a floating tub for your master bathroom as it exudes elegance. Whatever you want, with Master Bathroom Remodel Boston, there is a style for any bathroom space.

  • Flooring

    When thinking about remodeling, you have to weigh in on some matters like what features you are willing to invest in, or you can skip for now. For a master bath remodel, you might want to splurge on adding a radiant-heat flooring. This feature will provide comfort as you will not get any harsh feeling because you will walk on the cold bathroom floor barefoot. Try investing in radiant-heat flooring to experience walking on the warm and comfortable surface.

  • Mirror

    Some homeowners think that having a small plain mirror is enough. But wouldn't using a bathroom mirror be more engaging when you have a unique aptly sized one? Think about doing some of your daily routines, such as putting on makeup, shaving, and checking your outfit, in front of a pleasant mirror. And if you have a small room, it can create a spacious illusion.

  • Vanity

    If you intend to have something trendy in your master bath, choose floating vanities. They come in elegant materials and create a seamless and airy touch, adding a delightful feeling in a bathroom.

  • Cabinet

    Bathroom cabinets are not only high-functional, but they also contribute to the design and appeal of the bathroom. When choosing cabinets for when undertaking a master bathroom remodel, you must pick something that meets your practical needs, show your style, and blend well inside the room you have. Bathroom Remodel Boston will guide you in selecting the perfect cabinet that matches you and your bathroom.

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

Depending on the size and extent of the renovation, Master Bathroom Remodel Cost can range from $10,000 to $30,000.

If your small master bath needs a total makeover with demolition, expect it to cost between $5,000 and $15,000. You only need $1,000 to $3,500 for some minor surface-level updates, like upgraded lights, fresh coats, and new fixtures. But a major remodeling job could set you at around $12,000 or even more if you will have extravagant developments. On the other hand, square footage will play a large factor in determining the master bathroom remodel cost. Most construction companies set it at more or less $125 per square foot.

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