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Bathroom Designs in Boston

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Bathroom decorating can be a daunting project, but these bathroom designs in Boston got you covered! Here are some of the most recommended ideas to decorate your bathroom that will make the space unique and efficient. Whether you are looking for a modern design or a timeless one, you will find a fitting bathroom design that will get your creative ideas running and provide you with the inspiration you need to plan your ideal bathroom.

Add vibrant color

White is the dominant color of choice in most common bathroom decor because they keep things fresh, light, and spacious. If you think that the color becomes too sterilized, try mixing white with vibrant colors. It does not really mean to paint your bathroom in different colors. You can have colorful bathroom towels and accessories as they are a great choice in making a space look more attractive. Imagine your white bathroom walls mixed with orange towels and bathmats. Or you can have them in different bright colors like blue, green, purple, or even purple bathroom necessities. If you need to see more color schemes, there are plentiful bathroom designs in Boston to inspire you. 

Install hotel type shower features

Longing to have a hotel-inspired bathroom? You can achieve that by installing modern and advanced features such as steam showers, heated floors, heated towel bars, and even a television mounted behind the walls. These innovative fixtures are readily available in the market these days.

Look for a modern and streamlined design

When you tile your walls and floor in either white or blue and add some silver strip lights and spotlights around the edges or corners of the mirror and bathtubs to enhance them, it gives a futuristic effect.

Place built-in storage above the vanity.

You can customize uniquely designed medicine type cabinets that are 12 inches in depth to sit on the countertop. These cabinets can act as a partition to long bathroom vanity and create additional storage or another private space.

Putting decorative pieces

Decorate your bathroom walls with ornate elements and quirky pieces to give it some personality. For a more unique and natural effect, place some pebbles around your sinks or bathtubs. You can also insert the corner shelves in your shower area to produce an attractive and practical niche. And when you add some unconventional tiles, the design feature is visible. 


Having a small bathroom space can sometimes be discouraging. How will you move around such a tiny room to do your daily routine? There are simple and affordable small bathroom design ideas to reinvent your bathroom. You can enhance the size of your petite bathroom by following this effective Bathroom Designs in Boston.

Floating sink

If you have a stocky sink and cabinet set, replace them with a floating sink. This type of sink does not only feel light and dainty but they are also stylish and modern, adding charm to your bathroom. 

Oval Sink

An oval sink is a great option when you want a soft and minimal design for your already small room. It is light and requires less scope, making it a perfect alternative in achieving a more spacious feel. Plus, it adds a feminine touch. 

White and Airy

While adding a pop of color is great, this design works better in a large space setting. For a small space, an all-white bathroom done properly can provide a fresh, clean, and even an expensive tone. Maintain this gorgeous small bathroom design by keeping your decorations white with traces of some pattern to bring some bright appeal. 

Glass Doors

If you are still using shower curtains, remove them immediately. It limits movements in the room and gives a restrained feeling. Opt for glass doors as they do not only provide a seamless look but they are also easier to clean.

Go Large

Believe it or not, adding big and bold features, such as a large tub or a large mirror, can also work in a small area. It will create some sense of balance in the bathroom.

These are just some of the best Bathroom Designs in Boston we can provide. For more ideas and inspiration, contact us.

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