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Does your bathroom seriously need an improvement? Do you find the layout uncomfortable and unnatural? If you answer yes to these questions, then it may be high time to start considering investing in a bathroom remodeling project. Whether it is a new home or you are planning to resell it, we know the upsides and downs when it comes to bathroom improvements. And we have some of the best Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Boston.

Revamping your bathroom, from the master bath to the powder room, could even boost your home's resale value. Before you engage or hire builders, it is vital to understand the basics of what will transpire during a bathroom renovation project. Now, here are some of the answers to some of the most common questions in every bathroom remodeling project:

Bathroom Remodeling Boston MA

How much will it cost?

Knowing how much it will cost can help you set a realistic bathroom remodeling budget. The designers in Bathroom Remodel Boston advise expecting an average bathroom remodeling project to cost between $7,000 to $8,000 for a small bathroom or half bath/powder room. On the other hand, a full bathroom renovation will most likely cost $18,000 to $25,000. And for master bathroom remodelings, the price is typically around $40,000 and above. The price will also depend on your preferences and specifications. If you want more customized fixtures, the pricing for materials and installation will naturally increase the whole expenses.

How long will it take to refresh a bathroom?

The timeline of your bathroom renovation project will depend on the extent of development needed. Of course, if you only want a simple bathroom improvement that is more aesthetic, that will take less time. On the other hand, a whole bathroom renovation that involves tearing and replacement of heavy fixtures can last for several weeks.

For a Small bathroom design revamp, expect it to take more or less 30 days to finish, this include:

  • Replacing the vanity or faucet

  • Updating the plumbing

  • Renewing the vanity wall sconces

  • Installing new light fixtures

  • Having a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper

  • Adding new decorative features

  • Attaching extra, decorative storage

  • For a full bathroom total renovation or remodeling, expect the project to last for 6-12 weeks, but it will still depend if you require more customization. This type of renovation may require:

  • Moving or replacement of plumbing, electrical, etc.

  • Adjustment to have more space and/or move walls

  • Replace then install new bathroom floor tile (field and decorative)

  • Update of tub or shower or both

  • Adding of heated floors or specialized shower features

  • Attaching some luxury features

How to choose the right remodeling team?

One of the recommended Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Boston is hiring the right team of experts to guarantee a successful home remodeling. You have to put a lot of thought and consideration when engaging a contractor or builders. Find a team of professional designers with several years of experience and went through a lot of training. Browse over their portfolio and past projects and see if they match the qualities you are looking for. Most importantly, make sure that they can adapt to your budget and timeframe without compromising quality.

Where to get ideas?

This is the fun part of remodeling, start envisioning, and build a list of what you want. Do you want new material for your countertops? Do you need double sinks vanity? Are you ready for a separate bathtub and shower? Do you want to go high-tech? Find more designs and inspirations with Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Boston.

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