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Bathroom Layout and Design Boston

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In every bathroom, whatever the size or shape of the space, some common factors will help you get the full benefit out of your bathroom layout. With Bathroom Layout Boston, we will start by knowing how you would use and move around the room, according to its size, shape, and placements of windows and doors. Next, we will determine what you want and need in the room, beginning with what is the most essential down to the least one. Then, we will consider the placement of bathroom fixtures, from the big ones like tub, shower, toilet, and vanity, to the small one such as small accessories.

Bathroom Layout Ideas and Key Factors

The size of the bathroom - Assess the amount of space available. It is vital to know how large or small your bathroom is. Of course, having a spacious bathroom has more advantages than a small one as you can furnish it with more items. But if you only have limited space, careful planning is necessary. You have to make sure everything you place will fit in.

The shape of the bathroom - When you begin mapping out what you want in your bathroom, you should think about other factors other than the size. The shape of the space is also one of the main factors. If you have a long, narrow bathroom, the layout will not match a bathroom with a square shape. Some bathrooms have an unusual shape, feature irregular angles, or wrapping around a corner. Hence, finding a suitable layout is required.

Location of the door - The position of the exit and entryway of your bathroom matters. The location of the door will determine where you will put fixtures such as tub, shower, toilet, and vanity. Visualize what you want to see and not see upon entering. But, one of the most recommended bathroom layout ideas is for the sink or vanity to be near the door. It is the last spot or sometimes the first step in everyone's routines. 

Position of the windows - Having windows in a bathroom has benefits as they provide natural light. If you are lucky enough to get a lot of natural light, take advantage of it as much as possible when it comes to designing your bathroom plan. The window can also affect the placement of the mirror. A lot of bathrooms do not have windows, and if that is the case, Bathroom Layout Boston will install proper lighting as an alternative.

Storage Spaces - Knowing how much storage you need in your bathroom area, and finding out ways to sneak them in is helpful in every bathroom planning. Start with vanities and mirrors, and if you want more storage space, go for shelving, niches, and tallboys.

Decide whether you will have a bathtub and a shower or just one of the two. And what other fixtures you want to include and use in your bathrooms, such as vanities, cabinets, mirrors, and other accessories. Bathroom Layout Boston carries all kinds and types of bathroom supplies and essentials. We will assist you in finding the right placing of these fixtures based on the key factors mentioned.

Affordable Bathroom Layout and Design Boston

Small Bathroom Layout and Designs

Designing a small bathroom is not an obstacle because there are more possible solutions than you realize. Bathroom Remodel Boston bathroom layout ideas thrives in providing a bathroom with both function and beauty. Here are some of the best small bathrooms layout recommendations: 

Tub/Shower Combination Layout

This layout is the most common one for a standard size bathroom. The tub/shower combo works all the time. Upgrade the fixtures for a more modern appeal if you want to have improvement without moving the plumbing.

Corner Shower Layout

This small bathroom layout is the best option if all you want is more storage space or you do not require a large tub or shower. A corner shower will make more room available for built-in cabinets, open shelves, or hooks. 

Room for Double Faucets Layout

Double faucets layout is possible in a small bathroom setting. Opt for a more narrow bathtub to ensure there is adequate space for the larger sink. Make sure that you leave significant space for the toilet to adhere to building code requirements.

Whether you have a big or small bathroom space, there are ways to design a perfect layout that will work best for you. Bathroom Remodel Boston will not stop looking at all the possible solutions to achieve the bathroom you are looking for.

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