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When it comes to improving your bathroom decorations, nothing beats having a gorgeous countertop. The right bathroom countertop can give the space an inviting appeal, complement the current theme, represent the charm of nature indoors, and so much more. It is believed to be the single most vital feature in your bathroom. Bathroom Countertops Boston collections are far greater than you realize. The options here are not just limited to laminate and tile because there are plenty more choices out there. We will help you with your decision making as you weigh in on the selections.

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Top 5 Bathroom Countertops Options

This material is a resilient, durable, and hard stone with lots of density. More commonly found in an area where countertops need to be hard, such as the kitchen, granite serves as a stronger bathroom countertop material option. To get the most out of its stain-resistance feature, sealing it properly and resealing it regularly is needed. The cost ranges between $75 per foot and over $200.

If you are after beauty and elegance, go with marble. Keep in mind that marble is not as strong as granite because it is made of sedimentary rock. But since you will use it in the bathroom, where there are less abuse and stress like in the kitchen, its unique marbling makes it a perfect option. Marbles also need sealing to avoid bacteria and stains from infiltrating the porous stone. The price of a marble per square foot ranges from $120 to $250.

This material has a high level of resistance to stains, chips, scratches, and damages. Quartz is a natural stone but the quartz used for bathroom countertops is not 100% natural. To build a countertop from quartz, a manufacturer needs 93% of this material and mic it with 7% of binding agents to form a solid surface. One advantage of having a quartz countertop is that it is impenetrable by stain and requires less sealing. The cost of this material depends on the manufacturer. At Bathroom COuntertops Boston, we offer them at an affordable price, from $110 to %250 per square foot with installation.

Because of the softness of this material, travertine is not typical in kitchen countertops. It is more sensitive to scratches than marble. But for the bathroom countertop, it is considered one of the better options available. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, the warm earth tones hue makes travertine the best choice. Like other materials such as marble and granite, travertine needs regular sealing to prevent stains and bacteria from seeping down into the stone. The cost might set you at around $50 per square foot, making it more affordable than quartz and marble.

Solid Surface
The solid surface material may look the same as laminate, but they have major differences. To form this material, combining different materials, including acrylic and polyester, is done. Because it is non-porous, you do not have to worry about stains and bacteria. It saves you from the task of regular sealing, and maintenance is required less for keeping the countertops safe and attractive. Bathroom Countertops Boston offers different patterns and color options, and the cost ranges from $35 to $100 per square foot.

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